Dillon and Flo Joe

Meet and Greeter

Both fifth generation Fox Red Labradors they have been part of the TAFS teams since they were 8 weeks old.  This brother and sister team love the beach, long walks in the woods and being chased by the geese at home.  

Dillon loves everyone, and though at 40kg he is a big dog, it also means he is fully equipped to provide quality cuddles.

Flo Joe has the brains and make sure that everyone is accounted for and keeps watch should we have anyone visit the shop.  She is very good at letting us know via bark!

Their job is to meet and greet all visitors to the shop; as well as supervising the treats provided by our local postman or clients.  

They are a daily source of entertainment, and we are lucky to have them as part of our team.


Dillon has very good football skills, with a tennis ball, whilst holding a sock in his mouth! Flo Joe is very good at looking after our chickens at home, and protecting them from any foxes.