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Partnering up for your tax

Running your business as a partnership can involve a number of different processes and responsibilities when it comes to dealing with HMRC. Knowing the procedures, how much you need to pay and how to calculate your outstanding payments can be daunting. 

Your partnership tax return is the legal responsibility of declaring the income and losses of your partnership and accounts for how the income is distributed between you. With years of experience dealing with these specific kinds of returns, we’re well suited to finding the best results for you.

A partnership itself isn’t taxed but the money which is passed to you is. One partner will be nominated to handle the tax returns but then you’re both responsible for self-assessment tax returns and must declare how much profit has been split between you. As a partnership can be split in many ways, the partners are taxed depending on the percentage they’re allocated.

As with any tax return, you need to make sure you’re meeting all of your deadlines. The first period of the partnership must be started on 5 April and the returns must meet the 31 January deadline, otherwise you’ll be liable for any late-registration penalties.

By employing our services, you can feel free to hand over the tax obligations to us and we’ll make sure everything is filed and paid on time.

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