Our automations.

Cutting repetitive processes.

When you’re running your business you’ll encounter plenty of monotonous and repetitive tasks in your day-to-day life. Having to do the same small task constantly can be a drain, as well as eating up time you could be spending doing something more important.

If you have never thought about the use of automations before, then we can help. By introducing automations to your work system, you can save loads of time by implementing an automation process which will carry out the easily-replicated tasks you need to do. 

Automating your accounting can be made much easier with the use of programmes such as Xero. By just entering your employees’ hours, Xero can take the boring task of calculating tax and other deductions and  send out payslips to each staff member with just the click of a button.

Hubdoc is another useful tool which will collate all of your invoices and bills and turn them into easy to digest data, saving you from having to scroll through pages and pages of figures and text.

By spending the money on an automation service, you’re essentially cutting the costs of labour for that role while also standardising the whole process.

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