Construction & trades.

Save time and money and have more time for yourself

The world of construction is dominated by two different kinds of workers – contractors and subcontractors. If you’re starting a business then you’ll need to find out what kinds of people you want to be hiring, alongside working out a strategy that will make the best use of your time.

We’ll make sure your business is up to speed from the start. Anything that is likely to take over your time such as payroll or bookkeeping, leave that to us. We’ve got years of experience with people in your field – our support is tailored to you and will give you back the hours in your day to focus on your business. We’ll explore your existing skills, what you’re good at, what you struggle with, and encourage you to focus your efforts on the areas that need proper attention.

We’ll help you adhere to the CIS scheme – be it registration, upkeep or simply investigating what you need to do next. You’ll be compliant and kept up to date on the latest developments as and when they happen. We’ll make sure that you’re marketing yourself properly, and that your business is going in the right direction.

In the long term, you’ll find that this will benefit you massively. With a cohesive understanding of the CIS environment, and what you need to do to get the right people working for you, you’ll have the tools and skills to maintain long-standing success.

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