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Getting the most out of your money isn’t just about spending it where you think you need to grow. Every year without fail, you’ll have to produce and file annual accounts with Companies House. This is the basis of normal accounting and it requires an expert with specialist skills to get right – quite simply, doing it by yourself will take way too much effort.

Our complete accounting package is more than just statutory accounts – you’ll get access to our advisors’ support and assistance with all of your accounting needs. We’ll do your accounts too, obviously. They’ll be on time and expertly delivered, without causing you any additional stress.

Any deadlines you need to meet, we’ll hit them. Regular accounts have to be submitted 9 months after the company’s financial year-end, whereas your first set is due within 21 months of your registration with Companies House.

We’ll give you support with management accounting too, so you can understand how your business is performing at a deeper level. We’ll use KPIs and detailed reporting to assess your business and give you the best foundation for an even stronger plan. 

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